Myrla Sales

Myrla Sales

Dr Myrla Sales, PhD, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with extensive clinical experience managing chronic musculoskeletal conditions and reducing risk factors for falls in ageing groups.

She has been using different techniques and therapies to help manage her patients’ health and chronic conditions. 

From 2013-2017, Dr Sales coordinated a randomised controlled trial using the novel and innovative outdoor senior exercise park concept to improve seniors’ muscle strength, balance, physical function, quality of life and wellbeing. This work resulted in several publications, presentations in academic and nonacademic events, media appearances and awards, all of which have enabled Councils and other organisations around Australia and across the globe to implement similar outdoor programs to increase seniors’ exercise uptake and help on the management of their chronic health conditions.

In 2018, Dr Sales joined AIMSS as Clinical Trials Coordinator. In 2020 was promoted to Exercise Physiologist and Senior Research Fellow in charge of the Gait and Balance Gym (GABAGym), where she coordinates assessments and exercise programs.

Dr Sales has taught topics related to exercise prescription, corrective exercise and injury prevention, human growth and lifespan development, and has coordinated community programs aiming to enhance participation of multicultural seniors in exercise and to improve their social connectedness and quality of life which she did in partnership with Migrant Resource Centre North West Region Inc. in Melbourne.

Dr Sales also holds a degree in Computer Science and has long-standing experience in database design and management as well as optimized data extraction and reporting techniques.

Myrla Sales (researchgate.net)

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