Affiliate Membership

If you aren’t undertaking research with one of our foundation partners, you can still undertake research as an organisational or individual affiliate member.

Affiliate member benefits


You will have access to:

  • AIMSS members, affiliates and research network to collaborate and network within the musculoskeletal health and research community
  • AIMSS seminars, meetings, workshops and to participate in working groups
  • Our Scientific Exchange Program

Financial support

You will be eligible for financial support for:

  • travel and other activities that promote and strengthen the affiliation with AIMSS
  • research activities that support the strategic goals of AIMSS – Individual Researcher Affiliates only

Facilities and equipment

You will have limited access for researchers to AIMSS facilities/equipment/instrumentation


You will have the opportunity to co-fund:

  • and co-supervise RHD student scholarships for collaborative research between AIMSS and the affiliate organisation
  • new collaborative research activities with AIMSS – Organisational Affiliates only


As an active member, you will be required to contribute research expertise to projects and campaigns aligned with AIMSS strategic goals and be able to:

Make a valuable contribution to AIMSS vision and strategic goals by supporting and participating in AIMSS activitiesHave a profile that will enhance AIMSS reputation positivelyForm partnerships and extend the musculoskeletal network associated with AIMSSBe engaged in an active and ongoing collaboration with an AIMSS memberMeet quality and performance measures for affiliation to be granted


As an affiliate member you will be expected to demonstrate commitment to the development of the institute and:

Contribute to AIMSS through collaboration, expertise or financial assistanceBe identified in the annual research reportAcknowledge co-affiliation with AIMSS in all relevant endeavours including research and health campaignsContribute to strategic planning initiatives where applicableDemonstrate commitment to the development of the instituteContribute to strategic planning initiatives where applicableBe identified in, and contribute to the annual research reportAcknowledge co-affiliation with AIMSS in all relevant researchDevelop new funding opportunities through collaboration with AIMSS membersParticipate periodically in AIMSS seminarsKeep AIMSS informed of any progress in the joint endeavours

Apply for membership

To apply for membership you need to:

  • Complete a membership application form (signed by yourself and your department head)
  • Attach a recent version of your CV
  • Attach a list or relevant publications

AIMSS Membership Application Form

Download – pdf, 154.45 KB

Completed applications need to be sent to and will be reviewed by the AIMSS Management Committee.

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