Supervised Research

Learn from industry-leading researchers and undertake supervised research at AIMSS.

All students who undertake supervised research with AIMSS become Members in Training and need to complete the application process to access member benefits.

Graduate Researchers & PhD Students

AIMSS hosts students from our two foundation partners University of Melbourne and Victoria University. 

Some of our members hold joint appointments with these two Universities. 

Potential students should identify their areas of research interest and identify their potential supervisor based on their specific research programs and ongoing projects. The application process will depend on the selected University.

For more information on how to apply to the University of Melbourne, please follow this link:

For more information on how to apply to Victoria University, please follow this link:

Honours Students

The Department of Medicine at Melbourne Medical School (The University of Melbourne) and Victoria University offer several well-established Honours Programs.

These programs could be completed at AIMSS under the supervision of our Program and Project Directors. 

For more information on how to apply for an honours program at each institution, please follow these links:


The  Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  was established in collaboration with Biomed Victoria. Our members supervise UROP students on a regular basis. 

For more information about this program, please visit this website:

MD Research Project

In MD Research Project (MDRP), completed during the 3rd and 4th year of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course at the University of Melbourne.

Find a supervisor

To find a supervisor to support your research you need to:

  • Be enrolled or intend to be enrolled in any of the courses or programs listed above
  • Search our people to find a researcher who aligns to your research priorities
  • Contact the researcher to discuss potential supervision of your research
  • If confirmed, complete a Member in Training application form to access the full AIMSS member benefits

Contact our Member-in-Training representative for more information.

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