Gait and Balance Gym

Gait and Balance Gym

Our Gait and Balance Gym ‘Gabagym’ is a specialist clinic designed to study the effects of exercise on muscle and bone function and health, falls and fracture prevention, gait parameters and body composition.

The Gait and Balance Gym (Gabagym) is a novel model of care that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs to improve gait and balance and to prevent falls and fractures in high risk patients. 

It also provides the opportunity to develop exercise interventions into disease states such as sarcopenia and frailty. 

Furthermore the Gabagym supports research on exercise and exercise-based interventions. 


The Gabagym contains a broad suite of modern equipment including:

  • Resistance and cardio-training equipment,
  • 3D virtual reality balance training
  • Gait assessment mats, and 
  • Whole-body vibration platforms.

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Level 4 WCHRE Building
Sunshine Hospital
176 Furlong Road
St Albans VIC 3021


General enquiries regarding the Gabagym can be sent to:
Name: Dr Myrla Sales
Ph: (03) 8395 8273
Fax: (03) 9923 6624

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