Participate in a Clinical Trial

Be part of a clinical trial to investigate and attempt to better prevent, screen, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disease.

Clinical trials are controlled studies conducted by AIMSS researchers and clinical staff to find new ways to identify and treat musculoskeletal diseases including sarcopenia, osteoporosis, osteosarcopenia, arthritis, frailty and disability.

Benefits of participating

By participating in a clinical trial you will be contributing to the research and development of new treatments, medicines, assessment techniques and prevention of these diseases.

Depending on the trial you may also:

  • have early access to new treatments or medicines
  • utilise our clinical services and facilities and professional staff
  • test new enriched nutritional supplements that improve your muscle and bone health
  • receive the report of your blood tests and scans, which will give you an idea of your muscle and bone health and risk for falls

Participating in clinical trials also comes with some risk, so it’s important you understand these risks before participating in a clinical trial. These risks will be outlined before you commence any trial.

How to participate

Once you register your interest for a clinical trial, it may take some time before you’re contacted about an upcoming trial. Here are the steps involved:

  1. You will need to complete a registration of interest to participate in an upcoming trial including the questionnaire regarding your health status
  2. Your information will be added to our secure participant database
  3. When a new clinical trial is being developed, we will review your suitability based on the information provided
  4. You will then be contacted by one of our staff to discuss the trial and establish your availability
  5. You’ll be able to review the trail details and let us know if you agree to participate 

If you want to know more about upcoming trails, contact the institute for more information.

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