Ahmed Al Saedi

Ahmed Al Saedi

Dr Ahmed Al Saedi is an early career researcher in the field of musculoskeletal diseases, ageing and stem cells. He holds an MSc (Infectious Diseases and Immunology; 2011) and an MPhil (Medicine; 2013) both from The University of Sydney in 2013, and PhD (2017) from the University of Melbourne. His PhD research characterised circulating osteoprogenitor (COP) cells in humans using novel flow cytometry techniques.

Dr Al Saedi is a Project Director within our Geroscience and Osteosarcopenia research program.

Research Focus

Dr Al Saedi supervises and contributes to research projects which focus novel mechanisms of underpinning the pathology of osteoporosis and osteosarcopenia including:

  • Investigating the role of senescence in changing the differentiational fate of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a healthy osteogenic to a pathological adipogenic profile, and how this increases the risk of bone fragility due to bone lipotoxicity. 
  • Investigating the crosstalk in Musculoskeletal tissues which This involves a specialised set of techniques including proteomics and lipidomics, and array analyses of cytokines and fatty acids in the circulation. 
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