Frailty Seminar Series – Panel – Mechanisms of Frailty

Frailty Seminar Series – Panel – Mechanisms of Frailty

The participants for this panel include Susan Howlett, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada), Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD (National Institute of Aging, USA) and Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhD (University of Florida, USA)

The seminar includes presentations covering – Mechanisms of Frailty, Insights from Pre-Clinical Models and Iron Homestasis and it’s role in Biological Aging followed by questions to the panel.

This event has now passed. You can view the recording of the Seminar here:

These seminars are bought to you by the Global Frailty Network, and are an exchange of evidence based practices and research advances in all aspects of frailty and are open to researchers, students, policy makers & healthcare professionals involved with (or outside) geriatric medicine.

These seminars occur every second Wednesday of the month.

The Organising Committee includes Dr Olga Theo (moderator) and Dr Jorge Ruiz (Miami, USA), Dr Carmen Castillo-Gallego, (Toledo, Spain), Gustavo Duque (Melbourne, Australia), Dr Sara Espinosa (San Antonio, USA), Dr Tania Tello (Lima,s Peru).

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