AIMSS Seminar Series – July 2021 – Professor Marco Brotto

AIMSS Seminar Series – July 2021 – Professor Marco Brotto

The AIMSS Seminar series invites guest speakers to present their research to AIMSS Members. This event will be held online via Zoom.

The guest speaker for this event is Professor Marco Brotto, who’s presentation is titled ‘Roles of Lipid Signaling Mediators in Bone-Muscle Crosstalk Implications for Aging and Sarcopenia’

Prof. Marco Brotto is the George & Mary Hazel Endowed Professor & Director of the Bone-Muscle Research Center (BMRC) and Director of the PhD in Nursing at the University of Texas-Arlington.

Dr. Brotto trained as a nurse and clinical pharmacologist in Brazil before joining the Medical College of Georgia (USA) as a Research Fellow where he trained in Muscle Physiology/Biology. He also obtained his PhD (DPhil) at the Trinity College, Oxford, and completed Postdoctoral studies at Case Western University.

His funded research projects include muscle excitation-contraction coupling, ageing with a focus on sarcopenia and osteoporosis, bone-muscle crosstalk, and biomarkers of musculoskeletal diseases. His studies have identified new bone-muscle secreted molecules that behave as early biomarkers of osteoporosis in younger women, and biomarkers of muscle damage/exercise.

He has also developed new lipidomics approaches to the study of ageing and found specific lipid signaling mediators associated and even perhaps as culprit of part of the decline of function associated with ageing of the musculoskeletal system.

This event will be held online via zoom.

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