At AIMSS, we endeavour to develop novel therapies and interventions at the basic science level, to steadfast its translation into the clinic. Under the Bone – Biomedical and Translational Program, we are working on a few interesting projects including the search for novel bone anabolic(s) (bone forming agent(s)), identifying bone disorders by measuring a rare population of cells (circulating osteoprogenitor cells – COP cells), and developing a novel animal model that could facilitate in understanding Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and association of bone degradation with this disease. We are also working toward understanding the role of vitamin D in protecting our bones from the fat attack (adipocytes (fat cells) in the bone that decrease bone strength), and also have research focus in exploring novel molecules as candidates for use against bone and muscle degradation.

Dr Lakshman Singh, PhD
Program Director
Lakshman is a Senior Scientist and the Program Director of Bone, Biomedical and Translational research at AIMSS. He has a long standing interest in bone biology, especially in relation to ageing and the role of mesenchymal stem cells in bone health. His post-doctoral career commenced at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, when he joined Dr Robert (Bob) Pignolo’s lab. at the Department of Geriatric Medicine. His work there focused on understanding the role of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells in ageing using mouse transplantation (chimera) approach. Thereafter, he worked at The University of Sheffield, UK, as a Thomas-Berry & Simpson Fellow, at the Department of Human Metabolism on projects aimed at understanding the role of ageing in breast cancer bone metastasis. At AIMSS, he is involved in various projects involving muscolo-skeletal biology including the development of a potential bone anabolic, understanding the functional aspects of a rare variety of circulating stem cell, searching for a common effector molecule to tackle age-associated bone and muscle loss simultaneously, and exploring the effect of Vitamin D and PTH on bone and muscle biology, with focus on age-associated changes.
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  • Identifying novel osteoanabolics and their mechanism of action
  • Mitigating age-associated deleterious effects of adipocytes in ageing bone and muscle
  • Understanding mechanisms of the development of bone pathology associated with chronic intestinal inflammation
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